Common Myths About Diagnostic Imaging

There’s a ton of myths out there surrounding diagnostic imaging. Chances are good that you’ve heard at least a few of these myths, which may leave you wondering and confused as you believe the information to be the truth. Read below and you might very well learn that some of the things that you’ve heard about medical imagine is simply untrue.

Pregnant Women Can’t use X-Rays

It is recommended that a pregnant woman avoid using an X-Ray scan during the first trimester of pregnancy. This is a critical time for the development and growth of the fetus and the radiation can prove to be dangerous. However, during the second trimester, it can be performed with caution if it is needed. Your doctor will better determine if an X-Ray is needed during pregnancy or if better options exist.

It uses Harmful Radiation

Some of the imaging procedures do in fact use radiation, including CT scans, mammograms, and X-Rays. However, there are many that do not involve radiation. Besides, those that do involve radiation are deemed safe for use and without risk to your health.

X-Rays are Outdated

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Three’s man new diagnostic imaging machine that have come about since the X-Ray, but in no way is the machine old, outdated, and no longer off value in the healthcare world. In fact, just about the opposite is true and more than half of all procedures involving diagnostic imaging use the X-Ray!

The MRI is the Best Form of Diagnostic Imaging

There is little doubt that an MRI brings an array of benefits to the patient. However, each case is different and the best form of diagnostic imaging may not be the MRI. The doctor at the queens diagnostic imaging center will determine the best procedure for your needs.