High End Meaning Also Has Practical Connotation

High end, as in highbrow, has connotations of truly fashionable garments for the discerning shopper. You would not have thought that fashion consciousness would be important in the work place. Well, not just any workplace, because of course, the ladies would still like to power dress for the boardroom presentations, wouldn’t they. And speaking of presentations, this is one thing that medical practitioners do a lot of in the hospitals where they work.

After doing their morning or beginning of shift rounds, going from ward to ward in a group, they all gather in the boardroom where one final wrap-up needs to be given by their supervising doctor. And why do they have to congregate in groups? Well, this works in favor of the patients. All doctors get to compare and share notes. If one new suggestion can be made today, a precious life could be saved tomorrow. To save time, both the lady and gentlemen doctors will already have robed themselves in their high end scrubs.

high end scrubs

By the time the meetings and discussions are over, the doctors can rush off to be at the bedside of their patients. And still look their best for them. You will also see their nursing attendants dressed to the nines, if you will. This is important because the nurses spend a lot more time with the patients. And just by the clothes they wear, they can be cheering the patients up. Given the kind of pressure they are under these days, it’s not always so easy to pass a kind word or two of encouragement over to the distressed patient.

And these items of clothing are also practical to wear, in the sense that they are comfortable and able to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear typical of the hospital environment.