Prostatitis: What You Should Know

More than half of all men in the U.S. will experience prostatitis at one point in their life or another. This condition occurs when the prostate gland becomes inflamed. Many men schedule appointments with their doctor to deal with the pain and other symptoms that prostatitis causes. There are several types of prostatitis, each caused by a different problem. It is important that you treat prostatitis quickly because serious complications can occur otherwise.

Signs & Symptoms of Prostatitis

There are many symptoms that entail the presence of prostatitis. The symptoms vary and depend on the state of the inflammation, the length of time that it has been present, and the man himself. Prostatitis can cause trouble urinating and may also interfere with a man’s ability to ejaculate. Most men who suffer from prostatitis thrive from enlarged prostate treatment indianapolis. Additional symptoms of prostatitis include:

·    Burning during urination

·    More frequent urge to urinate

·    Dribbling when using the bathroom

·    Immediate need to urinate

·    Waking in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom

·    Painful ejaculation

·    Pain in the groin area

·    Testicle pain

·    Lower back pain

There is treatment for prostatitis but you must call the doctor to schedule an appointment. The sooner you make the call, the sooner you’ll find the much needed relief that you want. The right treatment varies from one patient to another but the doctor can determine the best option after an examination.

Make the Call

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If you suspect that prostatitis is interfering with your life, don’t wait to pick up the phone to call your doctor. Treating the problem might be scary, but living with the outcome is much worse. Improvement occurs very quickly with the right treatment, thus you can soon put behind the quirks this health concern causes.